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Hey everyone!

Hope 2020 isn’t keeping you down! We have been hard at work here trying to keep everyone in good spirits with gaming!

Treleifin has been hard at work developing/deploying Winter Altis and Napf for the holidays. She is also working out several bugs each night. Please thank her for all her work when you see her in gaming. Hop in and start hoarding/hunting AI!

Server Info
Name: Pew Gaming|Altis|Winter|PVE
IP: port 2352.

Start up with 25k
Girl characters (check out the new clothes!)
Base building
AI missions

As a reminder, we purchased a BF3 Server last month and have seen it getting full quickly over the past few days! Go and enjoy!
Server Page

If you have hackers/racist players, we do not want that here and will ban/kick without warning. I will be creating a section for the forums to report those types of players soon.

Happy Gaming!

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